All your Questions about Custom Candle Glassware Answered!

All your Questions about Custom Candle Glassware Answered!

Custom glass is a great way to further your brand identity and create a more aesthetically-pleasing candle.

With everything from custom shapes to custom foiling and colours, at Vuur we can help you create luxurious candles in your own brand-specific glassware. 

We offer three main services for glass customisation: Colour Spraying, Hot Foil Stamping, and Screen Printing.

Each service has their own perks and perfect use-cases. In this post, we explain these three services to help you determine which is right for your product and brand!

Quick note: We do offer more in way of customisation including custom sizes and shapes - these three services are just our most popular and common! If you're looking for something specific, please get in touch and we can help assist you through the process.



Colour Spraying

Coloured glassware is becoming increasingly popular on the market, and is the most common place for candlemakers and new brands to start.

At Vuur, we can colour-match any Pantone shade, to create a candle that matches your brand colouring and lookbook.

Colour Spraying is the process of painting glass a specific colour. Colour Spraying can be applied to vessels of any shape or size and has a variety of finishes including Gloss, Matte, Metallic, or Pearlescent.

Your chosen finish and colour can be applied to both the interior and exterior of the candle glass.

Colour Spraying is highly resistant to scratching and washing, and therefore you can trust the jar can be reused by your customers.

Colour Spraying is often combined with another method of decoration.

In particular, Colour Spraying and Screen Printing can be combined to create a highly unique, personalised and custom candle glass for your brand.


Frosted Colour Spray + Champagne Gold Hot Foil Stamping


Hot Foil Stamping

Hot Foil Stamping is our favourite way to customise candle glassware, as it instantly pushes your product into the luxurious category.

Hot Foil Stamping is the process of transferring a decorative, coloured foil onto glassware with the use of pressure and temperature.

In essence, Hot Foil Stamping is a multi-layered foil, applied to your glassware. As a result, hot foil stamping creates a raised/3D effect to your design, and the design will be slightly raised from the rest of the glassware.

Fortunately, this helps your design stand out against the glass and gives a pleasant and unique visual to your candles.

Hot Foil Stamping is available glossy or matte finishes, and in a variety of colours, including Champagne Gold, Copper, Rose Gold, and Silver.

goldfoiling Black Gloss Glass + Yellow Gold Hot Foil Stamping


Silk Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a method of printing where ink is forced through a mesh screen (that has been photogenically-treated) onto the glass to be decorated.

Colours are applied one at a time, with a new screen for each colour. A single screen can be used to reproduce the same design thousands of times, so this is a great option for clients looking for large-run designs.

There are many types of inks that can be used for Screen Printing, including epoxy-based or UV-curable.

Many factors can impact the quality of a Screen Print - everything from the type of ink used to the curing process can alter the result. For this reason, a thorough understanding of Screen Printing is imperative to creating a premium, luxury design that will last.

At Vuur, we specialise in Screen Printing vessels for candle use. Our team is dedicated to creating a durable product that you and your customers can reuse!


colour spray (matte) + screen printing exampleExternal Colour Spray (Matte Finish) + Screen Print text

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