Does trimming the wick impact burn quality?

Does trimming the wick impact burn quality?

It's probably something you urge every customer to do - but why do we have to trim our wicks before lighting?⁠

The main reason to trim your wick is to prevent sooting.⁠

Keeping your wick trimmed reduces the amount of melted wax (i.e. fuel) that the candle produces. Sooting can occur when there's too much wax melted - and therefore too much "fuel" for the wick to keep up with. ⁠

All this being said - it's really easy to forget to trim your wick. Especially if you don't know the ins-and-outs of candle making.⁠

This is why at Vuur, we complete robust testing to ensure that our candles can safely burn, even without being trimmed. ⁠
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