How do supply chain issues affect candle prices?

How do supply chain issues affect candle prices?

We’ve seen increases in every single material that goes into a candle - from 25% increases in the costs of glassware (even when ordering pallets) - to monthly increases of 10% on candle waxes. ⁠

Just this week, we were notified of a 15% increase in the price of one of the waxes we use. This time, due to the high oil prices pushing up the prices of petroleum jelly. ⁠

That’s not to mention energy price rises - we are after all melting wax at 60-80c everyday. For some manufacturers, the price to do this has increased by 8x (800%) in a year.⁠

So what happens now? ⁠

Ultimately, although candles do have a great retail margin, manufacturing costs can’t be absorbed forever.

We expect to start seeing more and more candle brands raising prices by 5-10%, at least. ⁠

From feedback from clients who have already done this, the good news is that it looks like customers are willing to pay. ⁠

While candles are mostly a luxury item, in stressful times, they are also a source of comfort - and the demand isn't going anywhere.⁠

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