How to Choose the Best Jar for your Candles

How to Choose the Best Jar for your Candles

In the past year, there's been a huge increase in the popularity of ceramic and stoneware vessels for candle use.

While these are certainly a statement piece and unique, as a seller, you may be wondering how safe they are. Can they withstand the heat? Will they break overtime?


jesmonite_samplePlaster of Paris is an economical alternative to Jesmonite


As candle manufacturers, our most trusted vessel type is glassware. Glassware continues to be the most popular and safest choice on the market.

Glass is the most effective type of material for candle use, and has been extensively tested to withstand the varying temperatures candles produce. Unlike new-wave material vessels such as Jesmonite, glassware is fire resistant and resistant to cracks and leaks.

Glassware is also extremely customisable, with options ranging from specific colours and sizes, to your own brand's logo engraved into the glass. 

In addition, glassware - even custom - is often the more economical option, as it is produced on a larger and more reliable scale than new-wave material vessels.


This example of a Custom size + Multi-coloured Hot Stamp Foiling produces a completely brand-specific vessel!


When choosing your glassware, there's some key traits you should consider:

  • Size: Small or large? 9cl or 50cl? The size will determine how much wax the glass can hold, and therefore indicates the burn time. At Vuur, most of our projects involve 30cl glassware - this offers between 45-50 hours of burn time, depending on the wax and fragrance choice. 

  • Shape: Most people associate a standard, cylindrical glass with candles, but did you know we can make glassware in a number of shapes? Square, oval, heart, you name it! Custom shaped glassware is a great way to stand out in the market, and offer your customers a unique and reusable vessel. 

  • Colour: Whether you want a standard Clear glass, or Pantone-matched coloured glassware, your colour is an important characteristic of your glassware, and can be used as a way to distinguish your brand in the market.

Ready to start designing your glassware? Get in touch with your Account Manager today and find out the options for your project.
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