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Custom Moulds for Pillars & Wax Melts

Shaped candles are being more popular everyday - but most manufacturers sell the same style of moulds. At Vuur, we can create your own unique mould, to stand out in the candle market.

All of our moulds are created using platinum cured silicone and have a shelf life of 30 years. This means your molds will not deteriorate, should you have to postpone production for any reason!

Custom mould pricing begins at £50 and increases from there, depending upon the complexity and number of cavities required.

How It Works

Simply provide us an image of the item you want created, or explain your idea, and we'll get started on an initial 3D representation of your wax mould. Once approved, we will go ahead and make a physical model of the object - which will be mailed to you for no fee.

After seeing the mould prototype, you can decide from there how many copies you need.

Sound like the perfect thing for your business? Then we'd love to hear from you!

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